Name of RepresentativeGyawali Bijay
Name of Employer/OrganizationInternational University of Health and Welfare
PositionResearch Student
Grant Year2014

Research Theme

Study of depression and quality of life among geriatric population of Nepal


The last five censuses of Nepal, reveal that the elderly people are increasing continuously both in absolute number and in proportion. The population ageing is rising steadily in Nepal. Another important feature of the elderly population is that it is increasing at a faster rate than the population as a whole. At this growth rate it is estimated that the size of elderly population will double in less than 21 years as compared to the total population, which will double in 31 years. The Proportion of elderly in Nepal is increasing rapidly and reached 8.2 percent of total population in 2011. This study tries to assess the depression among elderly in Nepal. The result of this study will emphasize for the further study regarding the other problems of the elderly in Nepal.