Name of RepresentativeDararatt ANANTANASUWONG
Name of Employer/OrganizationResearch Center, National Institute of Development Administration
PositionDirector of the Center for Aging Society Research
Grant Year2013

Research Theme

Family Ties and Its Impacts in Later Life in Thailand


  The paper focuses on the intergenerational solidarity of Thai families by examining the level and patterns of resource transfer between Thai elderly parents and their adult children and the effects of family structure on the direction of resource transfer. A sample of 657 elderly parents was chosen from the 2009 baseline panel survey and study on Health, Aging, and Retirement in Thailand (HART). The main results show that about 60% of Thai
elderly parents receive financial support from their adult children, whereas about 14% of Thai elderly parents neither give nor receive financial support to or from their adult children. The
annual median value of support received by elderly parents is 22,250 baht (about US$740). There is no significant difference in familial intergenerational transfers between urban and
rural areas. While controlling for elderly demographic and socioeconomic characteristics, the family structure is significantly associated with parent–child resource transfer.

Keywords: Intergenerational transfer ・ Family structure ・ Family ties ・ Resource transfer ・ Asia ・ Thailand